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In this course you will learn how to manifest love, manifest a wedding and manifest our "happily ever after" without stress and worry. There is an easier more rewarding, exciting and fulfilling path to love. Register for this course and manifest your love!

I've been single long enough...

Those were the exact words that I uttered while frustrated and confused concerning my life. Everything else was going right in my life, but why couldn't I manifest a mate? If you've ever felt this way, keep reading.

That suddenly all changed when I decided to put the proper manifestation technique to use that I'm finally ready to share with you. Here are some of the things that I will cover in the course:

  • What you can do to help yourself OR your loved ones get married

  • How to create your manifestation circle that keeps you on track to attracting the mate for YOU

  • The exact exercise my mom, Dr Stacia Pierce, shared with me years ago to help me manifest the man of my dreams

  • How to write a manifestation love letter to your future mate that WORKS

  • My exact manifestation journal entries that lead me to meeting the exact person from my list (actually he turned out better than what was on my list)

  • And so much more...

Course curriculum


    1. Welcome to the course

    1. Link to the Webinar Replay Here!

    2. Love Letter - Download

    3. Your relationship checklist - Download

    4. Order your success journal here!

    5. Wedding Petition List - Download

    6. Marriage Certificate - Download

    7. Whole Life Manifestation with Ariana Pierce

About this course

  • 8 lessons
  • Due to the nature of this course, there are absolutely no refunds.
  • BONUS: Whole Life Manifestation Workshop

Meet Your Instructor

Ariana Pierce

As a master manifestor, entrepreneur, Web3, and crypto educator, Ariana has a passion for helping others live their dream life now. Through her courses and workshops, she helps take the intimidation out of investing and manifesting.

Remember this: What you want, wants you too...

That's exactly why you may be manifesting everything you don't want.

On the live webinar, I will walk you through how to do the most important thing to attracting your ideal mate, and that's inner work. We will breakthrough fear and setbacks so that you can have a BIG comeback.

You can be a part of your loved one's manifestation process to manifesting a mate.

This course will show you how!